David's Chair

David's Chair

David Echt, visiting the redwoods from San Rafeal, CA. David is the first visitor to use the track chair at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, on the day the chair arrived.


Anyone with mobility challenges can check out a track chair provided by David’s Chair to explore the beautiful Redwood Forest at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.


Redwood Parks Conservancy is proud to partner with David’s Chair and Redwood National and State Parks to improve access to the redwoods for people with mobility challenges. The mission of David’s Chair is to enrich the lives of mobility impaired people with independence and freedom by empowering them to engage in outdoor activities they previously were unable to, free of charge.

The track chair is available to be checked out everyday the Prairie Creek Visitor Center is open, in the morning from 9am - 12pm or the afternoon from 1-4pm.


Experience the majestic forest of Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park with David’s Chair by requesting a time for use via our online reservation service below.

Location: Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park Visitor Center. The chair is available for use on the Revelation Trail and the Redwood Access Trail (roughly 3/4 miles). 

Please note: The Fixed Location Redwood Parks chair can only be used on the trails that are assigned within Redwood National and State Parks. Chair pick up location is accessible via adjacent ADA parking. If you wish to use a chair at another location, visit https://davidschair.org/request-a-chair/ to see available dates and chairs.

If the user is a minor or if you are a representative of the user please list their name.

If transfer assistance is needed, you will need to bring your own transfer help. The volunteers are not able to assist with transferring into and out of the track chair.


Chair Size: 20”; | Chair Style: Seated | Max Weight: 400lbs

Please check-in with a Visitor Center staff member upon arrival.


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